California Contemporary

California Contemporary – Mission Hills Pool Builder

Mission Hills California Contemporary belongs to clients with an eye for beauty. Their Mid-century Ranch home is filled with murals and framed art and we desired the pool to be yet another piece to add to their collection. Our design is an eye-catching, low-profile plunge pool that functions like a framed piece of art (albeit one that changes daily, based on the sky and weather changes.)

Our color palette is limited to black and white, with pops of green in the plant material. The charcoal-colored pool deck is brushed, imported basalt and a line of Taylor Junipers, a suitable tree for the Midwest, mimics the Cypress trees seen on the clients’ European travels. The tree line creates a green tapestry, not only providing a vertical element but privacy, as well. Mission Hills California Contemporary also includes features like a cast-in-place pizza kitchen, a functional and beautiful rain chain and a unique, cast-in-place cantilevered fire element.