Wooded Retreat

Wooded Retreat – Shawnee Modern Pool & Landscape

Shawnee Wooded Retreat was truly a big-picture swimming pool and landscape renovation. Initially, this project began as a small pool design but grew into an encompassing project that included a new pool, spa, fire feature, water feature, pergola structure, and landscape design.

With so many distinct areas and features, our goal was to create a cohesive design that unified the entire space yet maintained the naturalistic environment. We accomplished this goal by using the same materials in a variety of applications. Our palette was relatively small but repetition of key materials like corten, stone, and ipe was the heart of our design.

Some of the design details are purely functional while others serve an aesthetic purpose. Functionally, we addressed the homeowner’s desire for an automatic pool cover on an L-shaped pool. This was a challenge but cantilevered pool coping kept the pool cover out of sight. Aesthetically, a focal feature of our design is the internally lit fire feature. The structure is filled with slag glass rock that not only serves to reflect light but becomes a sculptural backdrop to the pool and spa.

Contrasting themes between traditional and contemporary, light and dark, and geometric and organic made our simple design compelling. Subtle contrast is the backbone of our natural and durable design and our clients couldn’t be more thrilled.